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Waggy Walks Felixstowe

Pet Services

Photo Gallery

The Waggy Walkers The Waggy Walkers Biggles The original Waggy Walker, Biggles is my Bearded Collie and is always happy and has never met a person she doesn't like. 191653012 Riley Riley is my Old English Sheepdog, she is very excitable and energetic especially when there are other dogs around. She attends obedience and agility lessons and also loves a fun dog show. 191653124 Cookie Cookie is my sister's Eurasier, she is a very lively dog who attends weekly flyball lessons. 191653622 Jasper Jasper is a Staffy x American Bulldog, he is a big happy boy who is always excited to see you. 191653862 Oliver Oliver is a lovely Golden Retriever, who gets very excited when he realises he's going for a walk. He loves being made a fuss off and getting cuddles. 192447960 Dougal Dougal is a very bouncy Labradoodle, he is always happy and loves playing ball even if he does destroy the garden chasing it. 192447961 Marley Marley is a very friendly Labrador with a tail that never stops wagging. He loves walking and sniffing and say's hello to everybody that we meet. 193041302 Lola Lola is a Springer Cross Spaniel who loves her walks. She loves to chase rabbits and birds is she gets the chance. 193232804 Alfie Alfie is a Yorkshire Terrier, he loves his walks and his treats. 195483999 Bella Bella is a Yorkshire Terrier and sister of Alfie, she loves her walks with her brother and exploring. 195484000 Xera Xera is a Dalmatian who came from Bulgaria, she enjoys running round and playing with every dog she meets. 195484003 Sparky Sparky is a little Poodle who loves his walks, he's always happy to say hello to everybody while walking 195484005 Marcie Little Marcie is also a Poodle and Sparky's little sister, she loves everything and is always up to something. 195484011 Zak Zak is a Cocker Spaniel, he is now 13 but still loves his walks and will have a run around when he can. 195484010